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What do you get with this membership?

With the Tom O’Connor Sales Academy, you get powerful, interactive content that is designed specifically for your Motorcycle Sales Team and Sales Managers. New content will be added each month to the current 100+ chapters to keep your staff sharp and operating at the highest level.

For Fit Specialists

  • Following & Mastering the Sales Process
  • Maintaining Control in the Greet & Probe
  • 15 Ways to Handle Price on your feet
  • How to increase your Sit Downs & Write Ups
  • Achieving stronger Commitments to buy NOW
  • Telephone word tracks to increase be backs and referrals

For Managers

  • How to master the EME
  • How to present figures like a pro
  • Handle objections & increase 1st pencil closes
  • 20 Closing techniques to maintain margins
  • Manager calls that will sell more bikes


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About Tom

Tom O’Connor is known for providing the most effective word tracks in the Powersports Industry. His ability to transfer that knowledge to salespeople and managers is what makes him a great trainer and why he is always in demand.

Tom has put his strongest content on this interactive training platform that will inspire your people to take a tactical approach to mastering the Greet & Probe, increase Sit Downs & Write Ups, and utilize the telephone to explode their income.

Managers will learn how to more effectively present & navigate the worksheet, handle price, trade, and payment objections, and close on the first pencil. Managers nationwide have been clamoring for his 20 Closes to Maintain Margin and it’s all here with a whole lot more!


  • Tom only works with motorcycle dealerships
  • He has sold and managed and still works the floor and the desk in dealerships
  • This isn’t theory. This is THE tactical approach your team needs to sell more
  • Turnover is high and managers don’t have the time, skill, or desire to properly train
  • You can hold your people accountable to take ownership in their own education